Finding trustworthy data is time-consuming.
We’ll do the digging for you.

We understand you don’t have the time or resources to pull and combine data from dozens of different internal tools and you might not know where to look for trustworthy third-party data. IDM offers data sourcing solutions wherein our data scientists turn your data into valuable business insights by combing through first-party data, filling in the gaps with third-party data and aggregating it to create a holistic view of your customers and marketing initiatives. Here’s how it works.

Collect first-party data

When analyzing data, our advisors help you leverage the vast amounts of internal transactional and behavioral data you collect through the course of doing business. Working as an extension of your team, our data advisors look at data from sales initiatives, CRM systems, multi-channel marketing programs and campaigns, business intelligence and website analytics to make sense of the data your company stores.

Supplement with third-party data

Very often, first-party data alone does not provide the whole picture. If anything is missing, we create data points by supplementing your information with carefully selected third-party data. We have decades of experience working with third-party data providers and specialize in finding trusted sources that help answer your most pressing questions.

Aggregate data sets

After collecting first- and third-party data, we combine the data sets and organize it in a way that allows you to turn it into business intelligence to help your teams create more effective marketing programs.

Our guarantee

Unlike many data partners, IDM is both objective and data source–agnostic, so we are able to put our clients’ priorities first. We develop sourcing options based on your specific marketing campaign, modifying as we go to ensure you’re getting the data you need.