You need deeper insights to drive marketing strategy.
We deliver with industry-leading data advisory services.

You want to better acquire and retain customers with your omni-channel direct marketing initiatives, but you don’t have the time to collect data from disparate sources, clean the data sets and package them in a consumable way. So, IDM does the work for you.

We provide customized data solutions—designed around your business’ strategic objectives—that combine innovative data sourcing, ETL processing and data integrity measures. With the help of our data advisors, you can turn data into business intelligence that informs marketing and sales outreach and is used to build predictive models that will help you better understand your customers.

Data sourcing

We have decades of experience working with third-party data providers and specialize in finding the right sources and signals to supplement data you’ve already licensed and your company data.

ETL solutions

Once various data sets have been collected, IDM uses proprietary matching and CDI logic to consolidate the data and deliver an easily consumable insights package that can be used across business units.

Data integrity

Focus on outcomes knowing your data is secure and privacy compliant. IDM’s SOC 2 adoption ensures your data is securely managed and protected. While IDM sources data to fit internal or legislated privacy requirements such as GDPR or CCPA.