Propelling Growth Through Innovation

IDM was created in 2003 to address the growing market needs of B2B and B2C companies that were not being met by traditional data partners. IDM’s consistent focus on emerging technologies and innovation is designed to keep our clients ahead of a changing global marketplace.

Driven by Dedication to Our Clients

IDM also sought to overcome a persistent problem in the industry…bias to sell products and manage proprietary data, which compromises results. Our firm was intentionally structured without data ownership to avoid conflicting interests, and place our client’s needs above all other considerations. Our adept team has client side experience and sound market knowledge; presenting the companies we serve with an objective viewpoint aligned with their business goals.

We’ve earned a reputation for results

At the core, IDM is a client-centric company that takes a consultative approach helping clients reach customer acquisition goals and achieve retention success. With a comprehensive set of services, IDM supports client growth objectives and helps maximize ROI. By focusing on clients’ needs, IDM has accelerated growth and doubled in size in the last three years.