Your data tells a story.
We find it with superior data processing.

Data is only valuable if you’re able to draw insights from it. Using a wide range of ETL tools, technologies and techniques, the data experts at IDM dig through data sets to identify the patterns and trends—so you don’t have to waste hours making sense of your data. We then deliver a meaningful analysis to help you make decisions about how to better engage customers and prospects with account-based and direct marketing.

Modern tools

Too often, ETL operations fail because they’re unable to keep up with the increasing complexity of modern data sources. Because our systems are built to adapt to new CRM and database technologies, IDM continues to be a market leader in ETL solutions.

Flexible solutions

IDM has developed real-time data matching and access capabilities, giving clients greater flexibility in leveraging data. Our quick, frictionless functionality is what makes IDM more than a data aggregator—we’re your full-service data partner.

Customized data engines

All of our CDI (customer data integration) functionality is customized to fit the objectives of our clients. During onboarding, we work with your team to build a custom set of requirements to increase matching and further your business objectives.

Cleaner, faster data

Leveraging best practices and known sources of truth in data, IDM is able to quickly remove the friction associated with most data projects, whether the data issues are simple or complex.