Your message needs to resonate to convert.
We develop audiences and targeted messages for them.

Though it might be tempting to cast a large net with your marketing efforts, effective marketing is about communicating the right message to the right audience at the right time and place. To ensure your message reaches the right people—not the most people—the data experts at IDM help you develop highly targeted audiences and identify the right channels to drive results.

Look-alike audience modeling

Finding new leads starts with analyzing your current customers. Our experts pull data on your most loyal customers and identify their common traits and behaviors. We then create customer personas based on those attributes and target new individuals who share the same traits.

Customer journey development

For each audience segment, we further develop the personas by identifying their needs, wants and opportunities. We leverage data across marketing channels and map the customer journey from acquisition to retention.

Highly targeted mailers

With your customer personas and journeys in mind, we create highly targeted collateral for each audience at each stage in the customer journey to ensure your message resonates and converts.